5 Questions Senior Homebuyers Should Answer

5 Questions Senior Homebuyers Should Answer

  • Jai Magner Koch
  • 08/22/19

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The right home can help seniors maintain their independence and quality of life as they age. Finding the right home means looking for the right features that will support your lifestyle in the years ahead. So before you start your new home search, be sure to ask yourself these questions about your preferred property features:

Will You Need Assistance With Daily Activities?

Many seniors will need extra care or assistance to maintain their quality of life as they age. So if you or a senior loved one will need regular help or care, assisted living communities may be a safer bet than living alone. It’s important to find the right assisted living option to keep you healthy and happy, though, so thoroughly research (and visit!) local assisted living communities, as well as average pricing information. A Place for Mom explains that facilities in Miami Beach can range from $1,500 to $11,370, with different communities offering different features that may appeal to you. If you don’t need help but want to be near other seniors, age-restricted communities could also be a nice option to provide your desired quality of life in retirement.

Should You Consider Moving in With Family Members?

Another common choice for aging homebuyers is to look for a home where they can comfortably live with their family. This can be a major transition for all family members involved, so make sure you talk over your options with loved ones and also think about home features that could make this arrangement safer for all. You may need to look for a home with at least one accessible bathroom, or you can even look for an in-law suite so that you can maintain a sense or privacy. These additions can be part of the main house or set up more like a guest house. Homes with in-law suites may be a perfect fit for older homebuyers who will live with family.

Will You Feel Comfortable in Your New Neighborhood?

While certain home features can help you age in place, your neighborhood can help you truly feel safe in your new home. So in addition to researching individual property features and available area homes, you should also take some time to review neighborhood safety. There are several online search tools that seniors can use to view crime statistics and other information that can serve as indicators for the security of different local areas. Settling into a safer neighborhood can be especially beneficial for seniors who plan to live alone while aging in place.

What Type of Home Will Be Your Best Fit for Retirement?

If you can narrow your search to specific community types and local areas, you can make the search for your new home easier. As you set your search parameters, it may also be a good idea to look for single-story homes. If you are living with a disability or mobility issue, living in a single-story residence can make moving around your home safer and can also make home maintenance easier as you age. Of course, you may prefer a home with more than one story, so keep home modification costs, for changes like adding elevators or ramps, in mind when deciding how much home you can afford for retirement.

Will Your New Home’s Features Help Prevent Dangerous Falls?

Aging-in-place designs always incorporate features that will help keep older homeowners from falling. You can spot homes that have been designed with seniors in mind by looking for evenly distributed lighting throughout, walk-in showers in the bathrooms, and other details that make daily home life easier and safer for older adults. flooring choices can make a difference when it comes to reducing your fall risk, as well, so consider looking for homes with carpet instead of hardwood.

Your retirement years should be spent in peace and comfort. After all, they don’t call them your “golden years” for nothing. So make sure you find a home that will support your quality of life and make your home life during retirement safe. Because you deserve to spend the years ahead in the home of your dreams!


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